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    The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack!

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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

In the Matter

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Institute for Peace Research and

Security Policy at the University of Hamburg, IFSH

Falkenstein 1

22 587 Hamburg


/ CO

To the Office ..... Hüxtertorallee .............

23564 Lübeck                    


Luebeck, 19 May 2011

Luebeck, Saturday, 28 February 2004

Free English translation on 11 November 2021.

This letter has already received its validity through the laws of nature, which are undoubtedly recognisable, but have already become incalculable! 2015*

The German-language document you may find here1



Dear Sirs of Geophysics and Meteorology!

As you have already been informed via email, my person would now like to bring you a little closer to reality.

Since the Empress does not have the necessary knowledge, experience and possibilities, but instead has a very distinctive warning system by means of an extremely thin nervous system, I would like to write to you again in this regard by letter post.

You too will now know that something quite decisive has happened in the proportionality of the earth.

As you also had to take note, it is not a matter of recurring earthquakes in dangerous regions, but rather a series of earthquakes that began in Japan, spread further across Iraq, with light quakes later striking the Islamic countries and these extenstions moving to Africa.

Algeria was the first to be affected, and a short time later Morocco was hit.

If one looks at the boundaries of the continental plates in this regard and then follows the series of earthquakes further, then every specialist should be able to draw further conclusions.

If one also compares the known earthquake regions in this context, then every responsible person should draw the consequences from this and take precautionary measures, even if one must run the risk of being mistaken because of one's position, which is actually a quite enormous contradictio

You and your kind are responsible for precautionary measures, otherwise humanity would not need to finance such professions.

Whether your activities and responsibilities will have an effect exclusively in your own regions, such as the FRG, or in foreign countries, is long past the point, since the whole inner workings of the earth are an interplay and thus everyone will be equally affected.

As a layman, but as an Empress, my person would now assume that the sequence will either continue as submarine ground movements through the mid-ocean ridge and thus a severe tsunami will approach the Central American islands or coast, or it could also only affect the Caribbean plate, but there is also the possibility that the sequence will move towards the North American coast.

There are of course many other possibilities and the worst case scenario is, that it will start again in Japan and then the sequence of series will occur at shorter and shorter intervals.

Now my person is not an expert in guessing and also does not have enough foreshadowing knowledge, such as through the underwater world of animals, which could show clear reactions.

You will now have to take precautions with regard to your position, even if the series should at best have ended, which is rather unlikely, as the intervals of the quakes that occurred became shorter and shorter, but not more intense.

In the regions at risk, you should now have people evacuated in good time, especially where residential buildings have not been created earthquake-proof and especially where skyscrapers and high-rise buildings are located on the San Andreas Fault, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, followed by the opposite side, such as New York and Philadelphia, or vice versa.

My person has been in the business and on assignment for years, as the incoming sunlight has also visibly changed significantly on cloudy days* (Highly swirled, finest sand)*.

Also, I can definitely tell you that during a stay in Istanbul, my person had the feeling of having experienced the beginning of an earthquake, which was prevented for certain reasons. A great coincidence may have occurred, which my person will not state in writing. A deception of the slight shaking on my part was and is actually impossible.

You will now have to take the enclosed letter seriously and contact King Juergen as well as Emperor Diethard, which has actually already become a direct matter for the Emperor, since my person does not have sufficient geographical knowledge and the main area of interest is also different.

My person will have to write to Head of State Vladimir Putin as soon as possible via the Russian Embassy in Berlin and send him a somewhat complicated letter in order to get on with the matter and the commission.

The Royal Danish Embassy will also receive this letter as a protocol in order to be able to inform King Juergen as well.

So that no misunderstandings arise, my person warns you and others because one single incisive wrinkle in the wrong place concerning my person means here and elsewhere that alone by my person alone is made closing time, also so that the Emperor keeps his insurance!

One wrong move of my person and all hell will break loose here on God's earth, please do not forget that!

If you and others could tell me just one limit that has been observed by humanity, really just one limit that has been observed voluntarily, then I would be very reassured

There will not be such a limit, because mankind has crossed all its limits and exactly this and much more must first be recognised and then stopped!

P. p. Empress 

HP: Time is pressing, it is coming to an end..................... so that you as called-up diplomats and ambassadors as well as my Chancellor under the leadership of King Juergen should finally take a position!